My Story

Professional Gem Seeker, Coral Packer & Frag Master! I do what i love and i love what i do! Striving to provide Affordable Clean Healthy Saltwater Exotics! Hobbyist gone wild! <3

Roughly 3 years ago I was gifted my 1st Saltwater Aquarium (29BioCube, Thanks Nana!) From there doing Research and just getting addicted in general I fell in love with fragging and trading corals. Started my 1st Business selling Coral online based off the FB Platform Hosting Auctions every weekend in our Group. (Until FB Policy Banned Selling) Now Host them here & you guys followed! Currently Have Close to 1k Gallons in Saltwater systems in my Shop advancing more into Aquaculture. The next massive system "Coral Island" will consist of 6 Linked Frag Tank systems totaling to nearly 600 Gallons! Videos of the shops builds can be found on my YouTube page, link is in the "About Us" Section.

Thank YOU All so much for following me this far! My End Goal is to run a Self Sustainable Coral Farm, wouldn't be this far without all the support of the amazing Reefing Community! Owe it all to YOU Savages! <3



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Youtube channel for Instructional Frag Videos, Builds & More! (In Progress, YouTube noob lol!)

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